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Jan 2nd at 5AM / 10 notes

I really hope that my doctor can get her shit in gear, get me covered and get me in for a remicade by the end of this month.

My Crohn’s is back with a mother fucking vengeance. As soon as I eat a little it’s like I just ate 20 helpings. I just feel so full so fast because it’s obviously inflamed and therefore narrowed. It’s really only a matter of time before I have a blockage. It would be easier if I could just pick up some ensure shakes at the grocery store but they don’t sell them anywhere here :( Like what do people do when they are sick? I heard Korea was in the top 4 countries for highest # of people with Crohn’s…? How do they control their diet to a liquid diet without meal replacement shakes?

I think this also plays a big role in how bitchy and negative I’ve been lately. I’ve know it’s coming for a bit and I always get grumpy. It hurts and it makes me feel like a little scared kid and I hate going to the hospital when I’m actually sick and not just for treatments. What if they say I have to stay. And here I’ll actually be all alone. I mean in Edmonton at least my parents could drive up and see me sometimes :( Ahhh I need to not be thinking like that just… sometimes it’s hard.

Anyway on the bright side I think I found a good deal for my trip to Japan ^^ and the flight home ~~ Although, February is going to be LEAN haha omg. Because originally I was thinking I would just get advice from the travel agent and then purchase the tickets myself with my credit card, so I sent home a shit ton of money this check. Well actually I guess she got a deal that I can’t get and I’ll have to pay her so I might as well just use won… which means a significant portion of my check for the end of January is gone. Which means my dreams of getting a million more pairs of denim and a shit ton of beauty supplies and what not before I leave Korea are dashed. What I may do though is get stuff for my friend, who’s staying one more year, from Sephora and she can get shit for me from here and we’ll do an exchange ^^ I wonder if anyone else would be interested in a mac ‘n’ cheese for olive and young stuffs exchange?? Or basically anything you want from Canada ^^ We’ve got maple ;)

Whatever though, I get to take my vacation from February 10th so I’m probably going to have a lot of time to exercise my xmas flab off ^^ I’ll be lean for Japan !!

Oct 19th at 11PM / 21 notes

Okay. It was a bit cruel of them to place this two day fun festival of fun on Wednesday and Thursday. Then I have to come back and teach on Friday. To a day of grade 3’s. Who have finals next week. Luckily my lesson is on Halloween so it’s basically just for shits anyways~ They enjoy it, enough new stuff for the keeners but easy enough that even the lazy asses participate and enjoy ^^

I’m drinking my new white tea from Canada (<3 love you Cara)~ I also got a new Sencha and some fruit tea~ We went to Namsan last night and it was definitely better this time. Perhaps it was because we didn’t have to take a ridiculously long pointless bus ride [Sally always wants to take these kinds of bus rides, and then wonders why I’m grumpy the rest of the trip - oh I only feel I could barf at any moment now, THANKS!]. I’m meeting them [Cara and Ashley] tonight and showing them Sinsa and then Myeongdong and then we’ll finish up in the Hello Kitty Cafe. It’s too bad everyone else I know here is too busy to come as it would have been nice to introduce them.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. I have to teach late on Friday but, well, I actually really prefer to teach those after school classes. They are a lot of fun. And we’re making new posters for my classroom so it’s kind of laid back listening to music and chatting while they draw. I am going to need to lay the law down with the low level though. They’ve been pretty disrespectful lately to not only me but the other NET’s that come to the school. It’s hard because the Korean teachers in this program kind of want us to be buddies with the students a lot, but then it’s hard for them to see us as teachers when just the other day we were buddies and joking around. So I need to make them see that, yes I like you, you’re a lot of fun and I can be your buddy, but I am your teacher and you’re going to need to fucking listen when I need you to.

Saturday is Fashion week. I found out that Saturday is all mens shows. Uhoh We have to look at male models for a hour. Shucks. That’s just too bad. LOL NOT! I hope they have underwear in the line ^^ haha~ After that I am thinking I will take out my friend Samantha[also visiting from Canada ^^]. Actually I think my other friend is going out for a goodbye party and I may [depending on price] take her along to that.

I’m kind of annoyed because my mom SHOULD have deposited my GST check already and she SHOULD  have gotten my pin for my credit card already. But she’s “too busy”. How hard is it to shoot a text to the person checking the mail to see if they got it and if they can send you the pin. Do it while your peeing if you’re so busy jeeze. haha I know she’s not really that busy that’s why I’m mad. She just doesn’t get that I cannot take out ANY money until she gets me the pin because: I LOST MY MOTHER FUCKING DEBIT CARD. I suspect it’s somewhere in the house. I’ll give it a good look but seriously. I can’t refill my T-money. I can’t buy delicious red bean fish. I can’t for that matter buy delicious egg bun things that just started to be sold again! I am missing out on fucking LIFE here! I think I’m going to offer to buy something like dinner tonight with Cara and Ashley and then get their cash and use that.

Anyways. That is my lengthy weekend plans. oh, and then Monday is JIMJILBANG!! wooooo - it’s so long overdue! I am getting my every cranny scrubbed down, doing a face mask, shaving [now that I know I can ^^] and a hair mask[ oh the glory of my hair after Tsubaki Head Spa]. I am wondering though, perhaps someone on here would know, if you made it this far. My one friend Ashley has breast implants. Quite large implants. She said she wont go in the nude areas because she thinks it will seem too shocking for people here. But we’re going to the Yongsan one that is foreigner central and really, will people care all that much?

Oct 14th at 5AM / 4 notes

I may be a fucking genious! So as usual I sent home too much money and was like, fuck how will I live for a month with nothing. So I was like okay I’ll just use my Canadian credit card. I’m not going to lie I’ve been pretty good with it too~ I just hand it over and they take it and no one bats and eye. I also have been spending responsibly. ANANANANANANANANADDDDDDDD in a way it’s been stopping me from impulsive buying. I can’t just stop and get those yummy red bean fish things. I don’t carry cash. I can’t pick up this or that because I feel weird using my credit card on a small purchase. So I make a grocery list, every week, and get it and then I don’t really spend otherwise! This may be my new plan. I will obviously want to keep some cash here so I can do things that require cash occasionally but still! Way to keep a budget!! Go me!

And … they forgot to pay me. What the fuck.

May 24th at 2AM / 0 notes

It’s my fucking birthday tomorrow!

I don’t know. I guess everyone feels they could use some more money. But I’m getting a little jealous of all the other teachers here who get to buy this and do that, like every damn day! what the hell!

Arggg anyways I make more than most of them because of all the extra classes I do but I have about a billion (okay not really) dollars of student loans to pay off. Because mommy and daddy didn’t pay for my school, or my rent, or my food, or my clothes (since I was 14 and got a part time job I’ve taken care of clothes and other jazz myself). If I didn’t have money for food, I didn’t eat. School was hard but I still liked it a lot. Also I sucked at managing my money at first, but now I’m pretty good at it, so I guess it is for the best? Also part of the reason I don’t do as I please here is to pay said loans of in a timely manner! I want it done with, so I can go get me some more learning lol! I love school!

Anyways, not complaining, just trying to feel better about the fact that I want everything right now and can’t have it~! Mostly I’m okay. I did splurge on some Victoria’s Secret ‘essentials’ for my birthday~ Too bad none of it will be here by this Friday because I’d love to wear one of the dresses out~ Oh well, will make do !