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Nov 10th at 7AM / 7 notes

I had a really fun day~ I cleaned and re-arranged my apartment, climbed up bukhansan from Sukjeongmun Gate which was on my to-do list and then topped the day off with a jimjilbang soak and Italian food with a friend <3

First I’d like to mention that although climbing up the old wall from Sukjeongmun gate is on the list of “things one must do while in Korea”, it wasn’t that spectacular. You couldn’t even take a picture up at the top looking down on Gwanghamun and the blue house. LAME.

Oh and my hair is fucking fabulous thanks to the steamy love session it had with Head Spa at the jimjilbang. I still need a trim butttttttt head spa is keeping things manageable.

Then we went for some Italian and shared a squash risotto and the creamy shrimp and lobster pasta in the squid ink bread bowl. DELICIOUS! And I still came in under my calorie limit for the day because I probably walked around for at least an hour or two, moved my furniture around for an hour and hiked for 2 hours with a heavy bag!

Oh and I came home to pepero in my mail box thanks to my friend <3

OOOOhhHHH Did I mention that my new mascara is fucking fabulous and I love it and it really is great! Oh well I have now ;)

Now I need to sleep as I have to work almost 12 hours tomorrow and then go to incheon and pick up my friend Ryosuke and take him back to my place, which is on the EAST side of Seoul. Yyuppp it’s going to be a looooooooooong friday.