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Sep 6th at 7PM / 34 notes

Getting pretty sick of having to tell every co-teacher everyday that no, I am not losing weight at a rapid pace, no I’m not sick, no you don’t need to fucking worry about me. I wish I knew how to say in Korean so they would FULLY understand that the reason I only eat half a cup of rice and kimchi at lunch is because EVERYTHING ELSE IS TERRIBLE. The food is fucking sick at my school. I think they think I don’t like Korean food or that I am anorexic. or both.But I do like Korean food!

In fact I very much doubt that they enjoy over fried, greasy and cold fish, or odang (the worst parts of the worst fish mushed up and fried) in spicy sauce, or bones with fat and the odd rare piece of over-cooked meat in an oily sauce. Well maybe they do enjoy it but I don’t. I can’t help it, my dad was a meat cutter, I’m used to the best. I also am from the prairies, I consider it a fucking accomplishment that I like 3 types of sushi.

Anyways I know they are concerned, I guess I’m just not good at handling that concern as someone who has lived on my own since 19, and taken care of most of my own needs since I got a job at 14. I guess it’s better than having no one care about you at all eh? Life could be worse ^^