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You know what’s awesome? Indian food.

I’m eating Indian food tonight with my friend Clare and her friend~~

It’s so strange, I am usually the one doing the inviting and what not, so when someone just calls me up outta the blue and invites me… I feel so … happy. thankful. grateful for my friends.

I really miss that about back home. I used to live in a small enough place that it wasn’t a 45 minute ordeal to hang out. So I could just call up my friend [Anne ^^] and say: hey let’s go take over sephora and touch all the things but probably not buy anything? And then we’d do that. And we’d look at shoes. And purses. And… it was awesome. I miss it a lot.

BUT my new friends are really awesome too <3

Sep 5th at 12AM / 4 notes

A few things:

- I hate my head teacher, she is such a jerk. That sounds juvenile, and I know it does. But honestly, at the beginning of the year it was all “you don’t have to make lesson plans, it’s a waste of time”, then it was can you let me know what you’re doing before class [as her and her little but buddy mrs. Kim are the only teachers who can’t show up on time, allowing me to explain anything tricky to them before hand] so I sent them my ppt before classes on Mondays. Then she wanted lesson plans. I write them up, send them to everyone, no one reads them and she still doesn’t get what the fuck is going on in class. So now she wants both the lesson plans and the ppts and any and all materials … NOTHING WILL MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND YOU TWAT. She is too stupid for her own life. This woman wants to be a principal and she can’t even sit down and shut up for long enough to read a short lesson plan [as I’m pretty much just writing it for her and my co-teachers don’t really need to do anything in my class] and understand it. Not to mention EVERY god damn week she has to ask me to change at least 4 things about my plan. Most of the times the things she wants me to change are retarded. Such as in my lesson plans for grade three I have the goals as: memorizing the dialog, over and over. As that is what they are doing. I used to make it a fun class + the dialog but it wasn’t enough listening to the dialog over and over. So that’s what we do now, so that’s what I wrote down. NO ONE FUCKING READS THIS BUT HER… “I think you should change the goals to learning the key language”. Today she started telling me how I need to add in all these phrases from the text book for grade 2, AS I AM TRYING TO SEND HER THE MOTHERFUCKING ppt. Like I didn’t write them all down in the lesson plan as you get the fucking drift, it’s the phrases from the text, its ALWAYS the phrases from the text. I am not spending a great deal of time making lesson plans that exactly state everything that will happen in class and for exactly how long so no one can read it, I also tend to wing it once I am in class to see what works and in what order.

jeezus fucking christ on a cracker. I literally hide in the washroom sometimes, until I know I can go hide in the EZ. And then in the EZ I slink down on my chair and hide so she can’t find me there. From all the other teachers I invite some constructive criticism but you can’t converse with the woman, because she hears nothing you say, about why you may have put this or that in, or how to play this or that game, and then just rambles on about random shit that makes no sense for 40 minutes. I just can’t. I really don’t know how I can change my entire being to a person who is fake and nods and smiles. I am going to work on it this week, for the smooth sailing of my life, but dear baby christ, sometimes I just want her to be hit by a bus.

- On a positive note, I’m going to that Taj place for a friend’s bday dinner tonight ^^

- On a “I need a sugar daddy, or makeup fairy godmother or a fucking NARS makeup counter in this country” note I have made up the following wish list:

*Nico, Angelika, Luster, Orgasm OR Torrid, and Sex Appeal - I want all of these blushes, I will throw away all other non NARS blushes as they don’t last for shit in Korea’s humid weather. I would also consider [and have considered] buying a cream blush from MUFE, buttttt I am still unsure if I can properly blend it, and I’d need to buy one of those funky stippling brushes and I do want to but mostly I’m worried I wont blend right and I’ll look like bozo the clown.

* Falbala or Tanganyka, Shanghai Express Lippies again from NARS. I really want Shanghai Express as its a brighter red than the dark plummy red I have from YSL and this fall I think I want to play with red lips more, even though I am constantly stressing that it’s all over my teeth or face!!

*Some of the Esprique Mellow Forming Rouge lippies that I saw on Fuzkitties recent August reviews~ They look like the Dior lippies ~ I would take the Dior ones too ^^

*Lunasol three dimensional Eyes in 02. I think it looks beautiful and you get 8 colors in one palette. And since the palette’s run about 70 bucks or so that means it’s less than 10 bucks a color. I may have lost my mind!

Waaaahhh Even though I make good money, there is just never enough for all the makeup and clothes I want! Also when is my Victoria’s secret order coming, and and when is my mothers package coming. I think it’s been lost. Maybe they both have. I want them~

Apr 17th at 4AM / 0 notes
After a hard day of hiking and a wonderful meal of indian curry at taj palace i had a long shower and painted my nails~

After a hard day of hiking and a wonderful meal of indian curry at taj palace i had a long shower and painted my nails~